Check out my Latest Projects:
Solar Solutions

This site,, is for a company that sells solar attic fans. A friend designed it, and hired me to take his PSDs, slice them up and code them for a content management system. I set the site up with GetSimple, a great CMS for users who don’t need as much power as WordPress or others would have. The owners can easily change the content on the site themselves.

Product Site

I was looking at some web design job ads for my Portfolio class, and noticed one at Blizzard for a web designer, and they were looking for someone who had knowledge of creating product pages. So I decided to make one. Here it is.


This project was my first attempt at creating an “interesting” navigation long ago, before I knew about such fancy things as image replacement or multiple-state images. Everybody uses plain old tabs at the top of the page, so I wanted to try something different. There were a few challenges I had to overcome with this project:

A Simple Blog


The goal of this project was to create a nice, clean blog template that would be easy to edit and plug content into. I first created the mockup in Photoshop, then sliced it and did all the coding for it by hand. The tabs at the top use the sliding door method, so as the text is resized they still look great!

Check it out here.

OKWUeagle Graphics

In Web and Interactive class, a few of us have been working on an iPhone stylesheet for our student website, Erik Smith is doing most of the coding (he’s a genius with that stuff) and I’ve been working on the graphics. Here’s how I created the top banner and nav.


Another image made in Photoshop. Click the picture below for the full size download.

think.ingcreative concept

I’ve been working with Mariah Klumb on a new design for, and I finished coding the mock up today. She created the Photoshop mockup and gave me the .psd files, then I did some editing, sliced it up and coded the site by hand.

Blue Swirls

A background I made in Illustrator. Hit the link below for the full size download.

Old School Game Text

This type is like a 3D version of some old school video game text. Hit the link below for the full size download.

Stedwell Desktop Design

I made this background on a flight from Phoenix to Tulsa, when I was heading back to school after Christmas break. I have it showing on my Macbook Pro, and people like it! Hit the link below for the download.